Ohio House Bill 130

Ohio House Bill 262, Safe Harbor

Overview of Ohio’s State Human Trafficking Laws

The Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA)

Pending legislation:

Ohio – Current Criminal Statutes
2901.01 Kidnapping
2905.02(A)(3) Abduction for the purpose of involuntary servitude
2905.31 Definitions
2905.32 Trafficking in persons
2905.33 Unlawful conduct with respect to documents
2929.01 Definitions
2941.1422 Human trafficking specification
2929.14 Definite prison terms
2923.32 Engaging in pattern of corrupt activity
2981.02 Asset Forfeiture
109.745 Training for Law Enforcement
109.73 Training in peace office training schools
5502.63 Posting of NHTRC Hotline
2151.358 Expungment of Record for children
2152.021 Safe Harbor Provisions
5101.87 Human Trafficking Fund
109.746 Attorney General prepare awareness raising campaign
2307.51 Civil Remedy