Meetings & Events

Direct Services Committee

Last Tuesday of every month from 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM

The Direct Services Committee is made up of dedicated professionals working with survivors of human trafficking in Northeast Ohio. This group is made up of court staff, law enforcement officers, residential shelters, mental health providers, attorneys, healthcare workers, and those working with trafficked individuals in a variety of different capacities.

For questions, or if you are interested in attending, contact: Kelli Cary at

Education & Outreach Committee

First Thursday of every other month

The Education and Outreach Committee focuses on expanding accurate knowledge about human trafficking in the community. Outreach efforts focus on raising awareness, participating in community events, offering free education presentations, outreach, and support services for survivors.

For questions, or if you are interested in attending, contact Co-Chairs, Mary Kate Waggoner and Megan Vermillion, at

Trainings Offered

Details for ongoing trainings and registration info can be found on our Facebook page or our Eventbrite page.

Human Trafficking 101
Human Trafficking 101, Youth Presentation
Generational Trauma Amongst Human Trafficking Survivors
Custom Trainings